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Simple fibre optic connection

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article image The Quick-FSMA polymer fibre plug connector.

THE new Quick-FSMA polymer fibre plug connector from Phoenix Contact provides a fibre optic connector which can be rapidly and simply assembled.

The conductor (fibre type 980/1000μm) is pushed under light pressure about 20mm through the plug connector, cut off flush using the special IBS RL FOC polymer fibre cutter from Phoenix Contact and screwed firmly onto the standard FSMA light diode (in accordance with IEC 874-2).

The input attenuation after installation is approximately 2dB, the maximum strain relief is 40N.

The polymer fibre is cut through smoothly, using the cutter, with the result that optical transmission quality is maintained for distances up to 50m.

The radii of curvature needed for trouble-free signal transmission are also maintained by means of an anti-fold nozzle. Phoenix Contact 02 9524 4455.

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