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Reliable power supply range

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article image Power boost capability.

PHOENIX Contact has released the Quint power supply range, available in a wide range of voltage and current outputs, ranging from single-phase 2.5A to 20A, and three-phase 5A to 40A.

They can be wired in parallel for redundant applications and should a phase failure occur the three-phase power supply continues in operation.

The Quint series is designed with a power boost capability which can provide up to 200% of the rated current, enabling the start of high-inrush loads without fault.

Short-term power dips in the mains supply are also compensated for with the mains buffering feature.

Designed and certified to international standards, the Quint series is suitable for applications where the reliable supply of dc power is critical.

Due to the reliance by control systems on a quality supply of power, industrial power supplies must provide a reliable dc supply, regardless of mains voltage conditions and regardless of load conditions.

In addition, control and field cabinets often create space constraints which must be met with compact solutions.

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