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article image Wall feed-throughs with metric thread.

PHOENIX Contact now offers the Quickon wall feed-throughs with metric thread, in addition to the well-known PG products.

The reason is the new DIN EN 50626 standard covering metric screw connections for cables, which came into force at the beginning of the year.

The PG dimensions, primarily known in Germany, will now be converted to the metric system which is customary internationally.

The wall feed-throughs comprise a cable screw connection and a connection terminal block, combined.

With the quick connection system, the cores of the round cable no longer need to be stripped of insulation; connection is made without special tools simply by tightening the union nut.

Insulation displacement contacts then pierce the insulation of the wire. At the same time the outer sheath of the cable is strain-relieved and the connection protected against dust and spray water.

The connection system saves 60 per cent of the wiring time. Conductors of cross-sections ranging from 0.34 to 0.75mm2 and from 0.75 to 1.5mm2 can be reliably connected.

Connection of the conductor does not require opening of the housing, which means that the sensitive devices inside are not damaged.

The Quickon wall feed-throughs are available in two, three and four-pin versions, with M16, M20 and M25 metric connection threads. Phoenix Contact 02 9524 4455.

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