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Overvoltage protection for comms engineering

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article image Comtrab - modular overvoltage protection.

PHOENIX Contact's new overvoltage protection product line Comtrab modular offers modular overvoltage protection in the fields of telecommunications engineering, information technology and I&C engineering. It is particularly suitable for protecting ISDN devices, T-DSL connections or ethernet systems.

For this purpose a magazine is fitted with an integrated signal-independent earth bus and suitable CTM protection connectors in each case. The connectors can also be custom combined for different interfaces.

They snap into the magazine and can then be pulled out and plugged in as a unit. This fitted unit is then plugged into a CT termiblock, an LSA PLUS disconnecting strip or an LSA PLUS switching strip.

All the protection connectors can also be used even without a magazine. Interconnecting fields that use the LSA PLUS installation system or the CT termiblock are considered to be typical mounting location.

The product range covers overvoltage protection connectors from 5V dc to 110V ac for floating signal circuits earthed on one side.

Apart from the combined protection connectors with coarse and fine protection, a course protection connector is also available for insensitive terminal equipment. Phoenix Contact 02 9524 4455.

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