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New Inline bus coupler available from Phoenix Contact

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The new Inline bus coupler for Mechatrolink from Phoenix Contact acts as a link between the I/O level and the Mechatrolink network (I or II) and can be used to couple up to 61 Inline automation modules.

Mechatrolink is an open network for motion control that can be used to precisely synchronise controllers and optimise responses between individual servo drives.

Traditional fieldbus systems such as Interbus or Profibus are designed for connecting multiple I/O devices and, to a lesser extent, for fulfilling synchronisation requirements.

As a result, they are only of limited use for coordination and motion tasks.

An Inline station in the Mechatrolink network replaces the separate fieldbus network for applications that require motion synchronisation as well as I/O signals to be collected.

This offers the following advantages:

  • Easier and more flexible system configuration through the use of a uniform network, for motion control as well as for the collection of I/O data
  • Simplified physical installation based on a single linear bus topology for I/O signals, servo drives and speed controllers
  • Reduction in overall costs as no separate I/O network is required
  • Fast high-performance control thanks to a synchronised control network

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