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Multiplier for standard analog signals

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article image Reduce storage costs and increase availability.

THE latest addition to the MCR isolation amplifier series from Phoenix Contact is the MCR-FL-C-UI-2UI-DCI signal multiplier for standard analog signals. It is used for duplicating and electrically isolating standard analog signals.

Module inputs and outputs and the power supply are electrically isolated from one another (4-way isolation). This allows the modules to be utilised both on site and close to the controller for electrical isolation, signal conversion, and amplification.

It means the converter can also bridge high working resistances on the transmission route. DIP switches enable transfer behavior calibration. It is not necessary to make zero/span potentiometer adjustments, since the module has been precalibrated for all signal combinations.

The signal multiplier's configurability simultaneously reduces storage costs and increases availability. tPhoenix Contac 02 9524 4455.

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