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Ensuring reliable high power density in compact housing

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Phoenix Contact  introduces a new range of power supplies featuring high power density in a compact housing.

Phoenix Contact has developed the Uno Power range to meet the specific requirements for power supplies destined for use in compact control cabinets, including reliability, compact design and energy efficiency.

With their high power density, the new Uno power supply units are designed for applications where loads up to 100 W need to be reliably supplied with 24 V DC or 12 V DC. Low no-load losses and a high efficiency rating ensure high energy efficiency is achieved.

Poor network quality and supply changeovers by the grid operator can lead to temporary dropouts in the AC supply. Power failures of this kind are unacceptable, as they are very difficult to locate. Unregulated supply units prove to be very problematic in this regard, as the fluctuations in the input voltage are directly passed on to the output voltage.

Primary switched-mode power supplies such as the Uno Power units on the other hand, bridge these types of failures by using capacitors to buffer the power present on the 600 V DC link. These power supplies can provide full-load bridging power up to 135 milliseconds, which means that the downstream consumers continue to receive uninterrupted power with no voltage fluctuations. 

Uno power supplies have UL 508 and UL 60950 approvals as well as a wide-range input, which is critical for worldwide use. Accepting input voltages from 85 V AC to 264 V AC and able to buffer any mains grid voltage fluctuations within this range, these power supplies are extremely reliable. An MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) of greater than 500,000 hours ensures excellent operational reliability. The wide temperature range from -25°C to +70°C allows the units to be used in outdoor environments.

The power supplies of the Uno Power range are also characterised by their energy-efficient operation, thanks to low no-load losses of less than 0.3 W and an efficiency rating of up to 90% optimised for the entire operating range. This is especially important when the power supply is connected to the line supply around the clock but is only used infrequently. The high efficiency rating allows these power supplies to convert less electrical energy into undesirable thermal energy, not only reducing the current drawn, but also having a positive impact on extending the service life of the components. 

The power supplies of the Uno Power range achieve Class V rating, as they output up to 60 W of power with a no-load loss of only 0.3 W (Class V denotes high energy efficiency).

The Uno Power range features compact housings measuring widths of 22.5mm, 35mm and 55mm, a housing height of 90mm, and a housing depth of 84mm, with the units requiring comparatively little space in the control cabinet. Their high power density makes these power supplies an ideal solution for compact control cabinets with loads up to 100 W.  

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