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Cost-effective industrial relays and bases

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article image The new industrial relay range from Phoenix Contact.

THE relay product range from Phoenix Contact includes miniature power relays with 1 or 2 changeover contacts, industrial relays with 2 or 4 changeover contacts and octal relays with 2 or 3 changeover contacts.

The 'ice cube' style REL-IR series feature built-in status LED to indicate when the coil is energised, mechanical flag to indicate operation of the contact armature, and manual push buttons to permit testing of the output circuit by forced contact closure.

Also built into the dc version as standard is a damping diode designed to protect the input circuit from any back EMF created when the coil is de-energised.

All these features are already integrated as user-friendly extras, which can often save on the need for separate input and suppression modules and therefore save on cost. All relays are available in the standard coil voltage from 12V to 230V and have international approval.

The relay base range from Phoenix is a modular system comprising various relay bases, pluggable relays and opto couplers, input and suppression modules, relay retaining brackets with eject function, and identification plates.

Depending on the application, it is possible to choose from base elements with a width of 15.5mm and upwards and screw or spring cage connections.

Alongside the standard bases with 2/2 level construction, there are also bases available with coil termination and contact connections opposite each other.

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