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Philmac improves customer service and distribution

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article image Chris Stathy (left) at the official opening of the new centre.

AUSTRALIAN pipe fittings manufacturer Philmac has launched a new National Customer Service and Distribution Centre, designed to improve customer service and efficiency.

The 4500 square metre facility, located adjacent to the company's manufacturing plant in Adelaide, will coordinate all Philmac's sales and dispatch operations.

Philmac managing director Chris Stathy said the new facility, which was officially opened on February 22, was "world class" and represented a major step forward for the company.

"Improved customer service is our goal and the National Customer Service and Distribution Centre represents a significant step forward in this area," he said.

"This new facility will enable us to streamline our distribution and sales processes as we continue to build on the exceptional growth we have achieved in recent years.

"In particular, it will help ensure quicker turnaround and more efficient distribution which will keep us a step ahead in increasingly competitive markets."

Mr Stathy said the new facility incorporated a range of cutting edge, synchronised communications technology including caller recognition software and a sales automation program.

"Philmac manufactures world class products which are in international demand, however at the end of the day, they are only products. What really counts is the value-added service provided to our customers and that's what this technology will enable us to achieve in greater measure," he said.

"In line with this, we have synchronised all our computer systems, from manufacturing to ordering, which will enable us to achieve improvements in cost efficiency and reduce order processing times.

"Now when a customer contacts Philmac, our caller recognition software immediately dials up a full customer profile so our sales staff know exactly who they are talking with and what their needs are.

"In addition, the software operates on real time which means sales staff can tell a customer exactly what we have in stock and how long it will take to arrive."

Mr Stathy said Philmac's coordinated sales team had undergone intensive training across all product areas and regions and would continue to participate in regular updates and briefings about the company's various product lines and markets.

"This means that every time a customer calls, they will talk to a specialist who can service their need right then and there," he said.

"We have retained our seven regional warehouse and distribution centres interstate and the new centre will improve efficiency in these centres, allowing us to provide the customer with the right product, at the right price, at the right time."

Founded in 1929, Philmac developed the world's first all-plastic compression fittings for polyethylene (PE) pipe in 1968 and its products are now viewed as the international benchmark. These include Philmac's unique Metric fittings and Universal Transition Couplings (UTC) ranges.

The company now exports almost half its product to more than 30 countries around the world, and has penetrated some of its toughest markets. Export destinations range from North America and the Middle East to the United Kingdom, Europe, South East Asia, North Asia and Africa.

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