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New lights for people's rights

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article image Philips Lighting’s Optivision system.

PHILIPS Lighting ’s Optivision provides the ultimate solution in minimising obtrusive light to the benefit of local residents, operators and the users alike.

The Optivision reflector system has been designed so that it delivers its highest peak intensity at 60° and excellent cut-off at 80° in the horizontal position.

This results in 10 times less spill-over than conventional floodlights and 3 times less spill light than conventional asymmetric lights.

The improved optics also allow a 20 per cent higher light output ratio (LOR) than current asymmetrical types which can translate into fewer flood lights being required for the installation.

Thirdly the compact optics allow for a smaller floodlight meaning that less robust columns can be used.

Other unique features are the oversized fins for more effective cooling and the large 'protractor-scale' indicators at each side of the floodlight for easier and quicker alignment.

The housing is made from high-purity aluminium and the glass is secured by stainless steel clips to ensure the fitting is corrosion resistant while maintaining its high IP65 rating.

To provide total flexibility in design the 240V version of the floodlights can be ordered in 600W or 1000W SON or metal halide 1000W with wide beam reflectors. The 415V 2000W metal halide version can be supplied with either narrow, medium or wide beam reflectors.

Philips Lighting 02 9805 4113.

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