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A few millimetres makes a big difference

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article image Philips Master PL lamps .... long life and brightness.

PHILIPS Lighting has made significant improvements in the area of compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) with the introduction of Philips 'bridge' technology.

Aware of the need to provide lighting that delivers the required benefits as efficiently, reliably, and economically as possible, the Philips PL range of CFLs now has a Master name for a master product.

The notion behind Philips Master lamps, is that they offer 'smart economics'. Positioning them as being 'best in class' compared not only to other Philips products, but often with competitors products as well, means this range of lamps provide the consumer with:

· The lowest cost of ownership;

· High quality lighting; and

· Maximum care for the environment.

Ideally the ambient temperature inside a fluorescent lamp is around 25°C. In regular downlights however, this temperature is often much higher.

But with the inception of 'bridge' technology, the position of the bridge weld in Master PL lamps has allowed for the temperature at the cold spot to be reduced.

This means the light output has been improved by up to 6 per cent in a regular downlight - proof that just a few millimetres really have made a major difference.

The result of this new technology speaks for itself:

· 25 per cent improvement in average rated life (from 8,000 - 10,000 hours for Master PLC).

· 12 per cent improvement in lumen maintenance - that's more light over the lifetime of the lamp.

· Up to 6 per cent more light at higher temperatures - that's more light output in application.

Reduced mercury content (now only 3mg) - making it a more ecological lamp.

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