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ROYAL Philips Electronics has released the Ensation wireless audio link, simplifying wireless audio networking in the home. The wireless chip technology makes it easy for digital audio device manufacturers to add wireless networking capabilities to their products, enabling the streaming of digital audio from PCs, home entertainment systems and other devices to multiple loudspeakers or wireless headsets.

As well as being easy to install the two-chip wireless audio link provides high-quality, uninterrupted streaming, even in a noisy environment.

The Ensation wireless audio link is a long-range, point-to-multipoint wireless technology with built-in audio features to ensure high-quality steaming audio. This includes automatic frequency selection, antenna diversity and error correction for interference-free, hi-fi sound.

It also features low latency and digital signal processing to ensure all audio and video is in sync. Ensation's bi-directional data link allows wireless volume and channel control, and low-power operation within battery-powered speakers and systems. Ensation is also dual-source and multi-room, offering the flexibility of streaming audio from two sources and to multiple rooms.

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