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Transistors with integrated load switch functionality

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PHILIPS Electronics has launched a new family of Low VCEsat (BISS) loadswitch devices that will enable design engineers to reduce component count and total system cost while saving more than 45% in board space.

The new BISS loadswitch devices (PBLS-series) combine Philips' low VCEsat (BISS) transistors with resistor-equipped transistors (RETs) to offer load switch functionality in one small SOT666 package.

Applications in all segments require load switch functionality forcontrolling lamps, drivers, chargers, fans and various electrical circuitsand power lines. Traditionally, this function has been carried out byMOSFETs or bipolar transistors with up to six components.

The new BISSloadswitch devices, which require only two external resistors, provide designengineers with an integrated solution that will reduce component count andeliminate the need to source several discrete components, reducingcost, time and board space compared with alternatives.

With footprints of 1.6mm x 1.2 mm, the BISS loadswitch devices in SOT666xare suitable for applications such as PDAs, notebooks and mobile phones.

The first Philips BISS loadswitch devices in SOT666 (15V, 500mA) aresuitable for mobile applications.

Future devices for automotive andconsumer applications offer up to 1A current handling at 40 to 80 V inSC-74.

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