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Broadcom has developed the BCM3419 silicon tuner chip, using a direct conversion silicon tuner semiconductor product from Philips Electronics .

Direct-conversion silicon tuner technology offers significant advantages over dual-conversion and single-conversion tuners used in existing cable modems. This technology reduces the design complexity and cost of implementing tuner designs in cable modems by eliminating expensive SAW filters required with dual-conversion and single-conversion tuners.

The power and cost savings of direct-conversion tuner technology also offer design benefits to companies developing several emerging cable modem applications, such as VoIP over cable and outdoor wireless access points.

The BCM3419 uses the cable modem industry's first direct conversion tuner implementation delivered in a single-chip solution. The silicon tuner supports both current requirements for Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM), as well as advanced orders of QAM used by many of Broadcom's chips. The advanced capabilities in the BCM3419 result in improved product performance and reliability and fewer system support components. The CM3419 allows customers to improve the bill of materials (BOM) cost of existing cable modems.

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