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Silicon chips for satellite reception

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PHILIPS Electronics has unveiled its TDA8262 and TDA8263 silicon tuner chips for quick and easy implementation of digital satellite reception.

A superior technical solution for digital satellite TV reception, the new silicon tuner chips simplifiy the entire circuit board design as the product is now placed on the main board itself rather than in an independent tuner can.

Key features of the devices include: the direct conversion of the RF signal which replaces all traditional IF filtering and intermediate conversion techniques; a fully integrated wide range oscillator that covers the European, American and Asian satellite bands with low phase noise performance; and programmable baseband filtering for optimum signal handling.

In addition, the TDA8262 is much more compact than any other tuner solution, with a 5mm x 5mm package, and requires less than half the power of other solutions, from a single 3.3V supply.

Furthermore, the level of integration enables the bill of materials to be drastically reduced.

With superior technical performance, small size and low power requirements, the TDA8262 and TDA8263 silicon tuners are not only DVB-S/DSS (Digital Video Broadcast Satellite/Digital Satellite System) compliant, but also fulfil all worldwide standards in use for satellite reception.

Silicon tuners are an essential component for all semiconductor companies supplying to the digital set top box (STB), PC card and digital TV (DTV) market.

Additional to the basic functions of the TDA8263, the TDA8262 adds an RF loop through to drive a second channel in a personal video recorder (PVR), and features extensive power-down management.

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