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article image 75% smaller than rectifiers in the industry-standard SMA package.

ROYAL Philips Electronics has released a range of Mega Schottky rectifier diodes. The compact designs are made possible by the small size and efficiency of Philips' new rectifiers in the compact flat lead SOD323F package.

These MEGA Schottky rectifiers are more than 75% smaller than rectifiers in the industry-standard SMA package and 60% more efficient than Philips' Mega Schottky rectifiers in the SOD323. They are suitable for use in power management applications to improve performance, to extend battery life and to reduce board space needed in products such as mobile phones and digital cameras.

Power dissipation due to forward voltage drop has remained a major limitation in improving overall electrical efficiency and reducing package size. The heat generated through power dissipation has caused package sizes to remain significantly larger than the silicon die to conduct heat away from the die and prevent damage to the device. Philips' SOD323F flat lead package has a shorter thermal pathway than the SOD323 gull wing package and uses thicker lead frame material to significantly lower the thermal resistance of the package.

As a result, MEGA Schottky rectifiers in the SOD323F have a 50% higher current capability and operate at higher temperatures than other Schottky rectifiers. This provides design engineers with increased flexibility in design in addition to board space reduction. Philips' SOD323F has a footprint of 1.7mm x 1.25mm x 0.7mm. The reduction of the package size also provides cost savings in terms of purchasing and manufacturing.

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