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RFID chips for 13.56MHz frequency band

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PHILIPS Electronics has released its latest RFID semiconductor product portfolio for supply chain management applications.

The Philips ICODE EPC is the industry's first Electronic Product Code (EPC) compliant IC to run in the 13.56MHz frequency band.

The ICODE EPC offers high reading speeds and an anti-collision capability that enables up to 200 labels per second to be read simultaneously and accurately. This means the ICODE EPC is suitable for item-level management.

The Philips UCODE HSL (Ultra High-frequency Smart Label) is suitable for long-range applications such as container and palette tracking in supply chain management and logistics applications, achieving 50 labels read per second.

The UCODE HSL is the first member of the Philips UCODE IC family to operate in both the UHF and 2.45GHz range, so that one tag can be used worldwide where UHF is available.

It is also the first read/write smart label IC targeted to comply with ISO18000-6 and ISO18000-4 for tracking retail products. This is in line with the EAN·UCC GTAG programme, an industry-wide initiative to provide global standards for RFID in logistics and supply chain management.

The Philips ICODE EPC provides a unique product number for every item in the supply chain or logistics system. By contrast, bar codes can only identify groups of products.

Individual items can have a unique identifier with EPC technology. This allows efficient inventory management through item level tracking.

The EPC standard is based on protocols specified by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Auto ID Centre. Philips Semiconductors is an official technology sponsor of the Auto ID Centre.

RFID is used at ultra high frequency in the Philips UCODE HSL. This provides the range needed for reading smart tags at up to 3.5m for a single antenna reader and 7m for gate readers depending on regional regulations.

The major benefit of reading ranges up to 7m is that entire cases and pallets can be read as they come through the warehouse doors. This eliminates the need to scan items individually.

With the introduction of the Philips ICODE EPC and the UCODE HSL chips, Philips now offers RFID solutions for all major types of supply chain management application.

Logistics and supply chain systems benefit from recent developments in EPC specifications because chips based on the specification can store information electronically and offer greater flexibility than current barcode technology.

The RFID product portfolio from Philips addresses all features that are key to the supply chain management and logistics markets such as fast reading/transmission speed, compatibility with standards, anti-collision, and options for the vendor to handle item security.

Through its extensive network of partners across all RFID frequencies, Philips offers a complete range of solutions for the supply chain management and logistics market by covering all frequency bands for passive RFID (<135kHz, 13.56MHz, UHF (860 to 930MHz) and 2.45GHz).

Philips' portfolio covers all transmission frequencies and includes ICs for applications ranging from transport over asset management to supply chain management and retail.

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