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Power MOSFETs in loss-free package

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PHILIPS Electronics has expanded the range of power MOSFETs offered in its innovative SOT669 loss-free package (LFPAK).

Originally designed for use in dc/dc converter applications, the new LFPAK devices are smaller, more efficient and optimised for a number of new applications including notebook computers, desktops and servers, as well as high-frequency applications.

Key features include virtually zero package resistance and low thermal resistance to the board to enhance power handling.

The MOSFETs also feature low package inductance for improved switching speeds, making Philips' extended range of MOSFETs in LFPAK extremely well suited for high-frequency applications such as enterprise computing.

The small size blended with the superior thermal characteristics offers minimal power loss, to help manufacturers of space-constrained applications develop smaller, more efficient designs while reducing component count.

Engineers are continually striving to improve power performance in applications with high-density requirements, such as notebooks, where the region leads the world, and dc/dc converters, enabling power-intensive applications in ever-smaller form factors.

Philips' MOSFETs in LFPAK meet this requirement by offering increased performance over the SO8 package while maintaining the same footprint.

The SOT669 loss-free package (LFPAK) was specifically designed as a power package - unlike the SO8 package, which was designed for switching.

By incorporating the superior thermal properties of much larger power packages, with a profile 40 per cent thinner at 1.1mm, the new LFPAK MOSFETs offer optimal power performance in a small package.

In some cases, designers can decrease the number of power packages needed for an application from three SO8 packages to two LFPAKs.

For traditional power packages, the primary thermal pathway is vertically downwards through the mounting base of the package and into the printed circuit board.

LFPAK also dissipates heat upwards through the top of the package, optimising heat-sinking options and delivering superior thermal resistance compared to SO8.

As a result, the LFPAK MOSFETs offer inductance levels that are 50 per cent lower than that of the SO8, thereby improving the switching speeds.

The LFPAK MOSFETs also enable more efficient conversion of power from the power source to the application, thus extending the life of the battery or power source.

In addition to providing optimal power performance, the thermal characteristics of Philips' MOSFETs in LFPAK allow heat to be dissipated easily, maintaining the lowest possible operating temperatures.

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