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Plug-and-play Bluetooth semiconductor solution

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ROYAL Philips Electronics has unveiled its complete plug-and-play Bluetooth solution in a single, low-cost chip package for applications such as mobile phones, headsets, car kits, and PDAs.

The new Bluetooth semiconductor solution, the BGB202 System-in-a-Package (SiP), is useful for designers of mobile devices because it integrates multiple technologies into one package, resulting in a complete Bluetooth solution footprint of 56mm2.

An evolution of the BGB102 RF SiP announced in June this year, the BGB202 integrates everything needed for Bluetooth wireless technology functionality (radio, baseband, ROM, filters and other discrete components) in one format.

Housed in an HVQFN semiconductor package measuring only 7x8mm2, the BGB202 dramatically reduces the number of required components enabling quicker design cycles, lower risk, simplified manufacturing and a reduced bill of materials (BoM).

Philips' complete semiconductor Bluetooth system solutions enable wireless technology designers to focus on product designs, instead of spending time on RF layout, hardware and software design issues.

The BGB202 is a fully certified plug-and-play Bluetooth system with all RF functions built-in, allowing easier and quicker design-in as no RF-critical experience is required to add Bluetooth functionality.

As a single-package solution, it also simplifies assembly and testing and reduces yield losses. The BGB202 is offered with software up to HCI including specific power control features and low power modes.

The BGB202 provides Bluetooth short-range wireless connectivity in the globally available ISM band at frequencies ranging from 2400 to 2483MHz. Designed for short-range hosted and embedded applications, it combines small size and ease of use with low power consumption for mobile, battery-powered devices.

When combined with the Philips PCF87757 low-voltage voice coder, it can also be used in voice-enabled applications such as headsets and car kits.

Advanced process technologies and packaging techniques optimise size and improve performance of Philips’ entire Bluetooth semiconductor range.

The baseband is manufactured in a cost-effective CMOS technology while the radio subsystem uses an advanced BiCMOS technology to enhance performance. Passive integration technologies add the loop filter, the antenna filter and other discrete components.

The BGB202 is based on the PCF87852 Blueberry DATA ROM baseband IC, which includes an ARM processor, embedded ROM memory, a Bluetooth core and a variety of interfaces (UART, I2C, PCM/IOM, JTAG).

The radio function of the BGB202 is based on a near-zero IF (N-ZIF) radio transceiver IC, and includes a monolithic antenna filter for enhanced out-of-band blocking performance, a Tx/Rx switch, Tx and Rx baluns, the VCO resonator, and basic supply decoupling.

For the complete SiP, only an external clock source, and an antenna are required for proper operation.

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