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HANDSHAKE Solutions, a subsidiary of Philips Electronics in The Netherlands, is forming a network of design houses, IP suppliers, tool resellers, training providers, EDA vendors and foundries focused on complete end-to-end clockless integrated circuit designs.

Wouter Van Roost, CEO of Handshake Solutions, said members of the Handshake Technology Ecosystem will benefit from the pooling of talent, information and technology.

“As a result they can offer unique solutions based on our clockless technology that would not otherwise have been possible,” he said.

The first members of the network include IBM Japan Industrial Solutions, Dutch company Bruco Integrated Circuits, Ireland’s Silicon & Software Systems (S3) and US-based GDA Technologies. Van Roost said the companies already have experience with Handshake technology and their proven know-how and capabilities complement those of Handshake Solutions.

“S3 is excited about joining the Handshake Technology Ecosystem. As a provider of leading-edge professional design services we have been working with their Handshake Technology for a number of years, building up an in-depth knowledge and capability in the area,” said Dermot Barry, general manager of S3’s System IC Business Unit.

“Joining the Handshake Technology Ecosystem allows IBM Japan Industrial Solutions to be the first and only supplier in Japan to deliver end-to-end clockless design solutions, extending our offering to an unprecedented breadth,” said Yukio Ohya, director of EDA & Business Consulting at IBM Japan Industrial Solutions.

“The Handshake Technology Ecosystem is a great vehicle for Bruco’s customers to benefit from many years of experience in mixed-signal IC-creation,” said Clemens Mensink, account and line manager of Bruco. “Bruco is convinced that cooperation makes all parties stronger and we are therefore pleased to take part in this initiative.”

“We are pleased to be a member of the Handshake Technology Ecosystem and offer our mutual customers in the consumer and mobile markets a mature and well proven clockless design solution,” said Ravi Thummarukudy, VP & GM of the IC Solutions Business Unit at GDA Technologies. “GDA is a leader in use of the latest design tools and methodologies and will work with Handshake Solutions to help accelerate adoption of their clockless design methodology.”

Unlike conventional ICs, clockless circuits don’t use a clock and associated architecture to control chip activity. This reduces power consumption, allowing designers to squeeze more functionality into limited power budgets. It also results in significantly lower electromagnetic emission and current spikes – making it much easier and quicker to integrate RF, analogue and other sensitive components.

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