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Motor driver for high-speed DVD+RW

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PHILIPS Electronics has unveiled the industry's smallest motor driver IC for high-speed DVD+RW (DVD+ReWritable) applications.

The Philips SA56202 motor driver is approximately half the size of competing solutions, with a small footprint that is suitable for such portable consumer and data applications as DVD+RW recorders and data drives for the PC market.

The 56-pin HTSSOP Philips motor driver IC has a footprint of only 6.1mm by 14mm. Housed in such a small IC package this, different aspects of the chips can be optimised by using an advanced BCDMOS (Bi-Polar CMOS DMOS) process.

This highly integrated one-chip device has a three-phase brushless, hall-commutated spindle driver, two-channel stepper motor driver, and four linear channels for the tray and 3D actuators.

The SA56202 motor driver is used in the Philips Nexperia reference design for 8x DVD Recordable applications that facilitate customer design-in and system development, while accelerating time to market.

The SA56202 motor driver has been designed to support drive speeds of 8x and 16x speeds, offering drive manufacturers a quick transition to next-generation technology.

At high speeds, thermal management presents a substantial challenge for designers of portable consumer and data applications.

To overcome this challenge, the patented Philips design integrates active braking technology - the industry's fastest, most efficient form of braking - into the SA56202.

With active braking in the SA56202, disks can brake from full speed to a complete stop in a linear, controlled manner.

In fact, the SA56202 can brake to a full stop in approximately half the time of competing solutions, from 11,320rpm to 0rpm in only 2.8 seconds.

The Philips SA56202 also has a user-selectable current limiter, to limit thermal dissipation during fast braking.

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