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Low on resistance MOSFETs

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PHILIPS Electronics has expanded its uTrenchMOS family with a number of low on resistance RDS(ON) MOSFETs that are suitable for wireless communication, mobile computing and consumer multimedia applications.

The new P-channel devices provide designers of space-constrained applications high performance power control in a range of compact and industry-standard packaging.

The first P-channel MOSFET is the 20V 50mΩ PMN50XP in a 2.9mm x 1.5mm TSOP6 package, which gives designers a choice for power management in a small package.

Philips' P-channel devices offer cost-effective power management and help designers conserve board space, and create devices that are energy efficient and have long battery life.

P-channel MOSFETS are used in load and battery switching applications in a variety of portable applications. Power management systems are often required to switch one or more power supply lines according to the requirements of the system at any given time.

For example in a notebook PC, the power to the display and disc drive is turned off during "sleep" states in order to conserve battery power. The power switches employed in such systems must exhibit low voltage drop in the "on" state, be easy to drive and occupy as small a PCB area as possible.

In addition, the power switches must be capable of "floating" operation, where neither of the main current carrying terminals is connected to 0V.

The low on-resistance RDS(ON) of power MOSFETs make them suitable for such applications, with P-channel versions being easy to drive in "floating" applications. P-channel devices are also increasingly being used in complementary configurations with N-channel devices in LCD monitors and point-of-load applications.

Philips is actively expanding its range of P-channel MOSFETs in industry standard packages. P-channel devices are typically 50mΩ at 4.5V and rated for 2.5V gate drive. The new range of MOSFETs includes devices with 20V and 30V VDS ratings, and drive characteristics which mean the devices are fully on with gate drive voltages as low as 2.5V.

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