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Extensive range of PicoGate logic packaging

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PHILIPS Electronics now offers an extensive range of extremely small logic packages that enhance miniaturisation capabilities of circuit boards in the semiconductor industry.

These logic devices are suitable for applications such as communications, computing, consumer electronics and portable devices.

Additionally, these logic packages are ideal for use in applications such as automotive and military machinery that require a high temperature range (from -40°C to +125°C).

The simplicity of Philips' miniaturised logic packages allows design engineers to create intricate line layout patterns without complications, thereby shortening design time.

Furthermore, these packages can be used as glue or repair logic to implement last minute design change, further enhancing the time-to-market advantage for system designers.

These innovative logic packages are currently available for Philips' high-speed CMOS (HC/T), advanced high-speed CMOS (AHC/T), low-voltage CMOS (LVC), and advanced low-voltage CMOS (AUC) logic families.

All of these products are second sourced and compatible with offerings from other companies.

Philips offers a comprehensive portfolio of packages for single, dual and triple gate functions.

This portfolio of packages includes the SOT353 and SOT753 (5 pins), the SOT363 and SOT457 (6 pins), and the SOT765 and SOT505-2 (8 pins).

SOT353, SOT753 and SOT505-2 packages are available now in volume production. SOT363, SOT457, and SOT765 packages are currently sampling with volume production beginning in Q1 2003.

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