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Discrete semiconductors in leadless packages

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PHILIPS Electronics has launched the SOT88x package family, a new generation of small discrete leadless packages using quad flat nonleaded (QFN) technology, providing with the smallest board space requirements at 1.0 by 0.6 by 0.5mm and bottom contact pads.

Philips is offering a wide range of discrete semiconductors in the new leadless SOD882 and SOT883 packages including MOSFETs, general purpose transistors, resistor equipped transistors, low VCEsat BISS transistors, wideband transistors, switching diodes, Zener diodes, Schottky-Barrier diodes, Varicap diodes, bandswitch diodes and PIN diodes.

Adding "discrete" functionality in a true mass production package the SOT88x family is suitable for applications such as LCD back-light related devices, direct current to direct current (DC/DC) conversion, electro static discharge (ESD) protection devices and small-signal switching transistors.

Power dissipation and board space are critical factors in the design of many embedded systems today.

With a small footprint, the new SOD882 and SOT883 packages offer power dissipation capabilities comparable to the industry-standard SOT23.

The best-in-class power dissipation is based on the heat-transfer capabilities of the leadless layout. As a result, customers benefit from the latest in miniaturisation without any compromise in the electrical specification.

All products in SOD882 and SOT883 are packed in very thin paper tape combined with a product pitch of 2mm. This combination enables Philips to offer 10,000 products on a standard 180mm reel, while reducing the effort needed to change the reels on a pick-and-place machine to less than three times that of other products.

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