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PHILIPS has introduced a number of TrenchMOS MMOSFETs in DPAK surface mount packaging with proven operation at 185ºC to suit the harsh environments of the automotive industry.

Philips has developed these devices to suit the requirements of "under the hood" applications such as engine management systems and small motor drives that must use devices rated for operation at the currently standard 175ºC.

The 10°C headroom provided by Philips' new MOSFETs provides design engineers with increased flexibility, including the ability to optimise the thermal performance of their designs. Other key features of Philips' HPA TrenchMOS MOSFETs include very low-on resistance for the DPAK package, from 7mΩ to 30mΩ, and operation at breakdown voltage grades between 30V and 100V. Additionally, the DPAK is only 10.4mm x 6.73mm x 2.38mm allowing it to be used in place of the D2PAK in many applications. This allows engineers to maximise available board space and reduce costs.

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