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Wide range of Graphic designs available from Phat Graphix

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When starting a business you need to stand out from all the rest. Branding plays a valuable part in marketing your business.

Creating an individual look and feel for your company; company colours, font and logo will help your potential clients recognise your business.

Commonwealth bank is a great example of branding, all their advertising and graphic design is done using yellow and black, the font is the always the same, Helvetica Neue. The observer only needs to see the colours for a split second and they know what the brand is.

Graphic Design plays an integral part on the branding process.

Enlisting the help of a Graphic designer is a great way of building a successful brand. They can recommend the perfect look and feel for your particular business to ensure you stand out from your competitors.

Stephanie Marjo, the owner of Sydney based Graphic design company Phat Graphix has been in the Graphic design and advertising industries for 8 years.

Stephanie has worked on many large brands such as Dell Computers, Jaguar, Imax and ING to name a few.

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