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What is a three phase power converter?

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Phase Change Converters ' three phase converter changes a 240V or 480V single phase supply into an equivalent 415V 3-phase output, which is just like a utility 3 phase supply. It will operate any 3 phase equipment efficiently.

Phase changers are based on the rotary converter technique. It is well known and proven, despite its performance limitations. What Phase Change Converters have done is added the "smarts". By using the best current micro-controller technology available, they have dramatically enhanced the performance of the rotary converter.

By continually monitoring the output of the converter, the micro-controller controls the value of the capacitors required for "ideal tracking". Using high voltage industrial solid state switches called thyristors, capacitor banks are switched in and out quickly and silently as determined by the micro-controller in 9 distinct levels. All switching is done with precision, while the AC sine wave is at zero volt potential ensuring there is no stress to either the capacitors or to the thyristors themselves.

Three phase power allows you to run Three-phase motors which cost less, provide more power and require less maintenance. Three-phase motors also run more efficiently, quieter and more smoothly than those using single-phase power.

Benefits of a Phase Change Converter:

  • Electricity is half the price of diesel fuel thus much more efficient than diesel generators and much quieter. 
  • All units come with a 30 day money back guarantee and 36 month national wide warranty. 
  • Immediate (5 working day delivery) as opposed to utility power that can take 6-9 mths on average. 
  • No requirement to change to 3 phase switchboards or run 3 phase sub-mains to workshop 
  • The Phase Change Converter can power all 3 phase equipment from a simple car hoist to large CNC lathes and machinery. 
  • Phase Change Converters have no maintenance requirements unlike 3 phase generator sets. 
  • Converters use proven "rotatary converter" technology which has been in use for 50 years. 
  • Proven microprocessor technology provides 415volt 3 phase power at tolerances equal to or better than 3 phase utility power. This cutting edge technology is now being exported internationally.

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