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Sure-Power power backup from Phase Change Converters

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Phase Change Converters  provides Sure-Power which is a backup for power supply. This battery backed power supply enables operating three phase electric motors. The three phase motor operator facilitates all three phase electric equipment to operate even when there is a power failure.

Sure-Power from Phase Change Converters is ideal to be used for three phase drive motors up to 3.7 kilowatt. This backup power supply involves simple electrical installation. Phase Change Converters offers battery backed power supply which has an integrated battery charging circuit.

This feature in Sure-Power enables the battery to automatically get charged when there is current supply. Sure-Power from Phase Change Converters is thus ideal for roller doors, hydraulic machines, etc when the power is lost.

Phase Change Converters also specialises in designing and manufacturing three phase power converters and microprocessor based controllers for a wide range of appliance. The converters are mainly designed to enable operation of three phase machines and other three phase loads. Two phases are generated by the converter from Phase Change Converters, thereby changing the single phase supply into a three phase output.

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