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Pferd Australia offers cutting and grinding tools

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Pferd Australia  provides a wide range of discs for various applications including cool grinding, abrasive cut-off work, angle grinding etc. These cool discs are ideal for non-stop grinding. These discs are designed to enhance the cutting performance of thin-walled sheet metal items and sectional materials made of steel and stainless steel. The discs from Pferd Australia also perform the cutting task on nonferrous metals and numerous composite materials. Pferd Australia’s thin abrasive cut-off wheels perform quick, smooth and convenient cutting action.

Pferd Australia manufactures a range of brushes, abrasive cut-off wheels, abrasive discs and grinding wheels for surface finishing and cutting applications. Pferd Australia also provides diamond cut-off wheels.

Diamond cut-off wheel is an ideal tool for cutting concrete, clinker, hard stone, granite, marble and other abrasive objects. The cutting tools from Pferd Australia assure optimum cutting results with maximum safety.

In addition to supplying cutting and grinding tools, Pferd Australia also offers a wide range of industrial power brushes which include wheels, cups, flaring cups, pencils and scratch brushes for surface cleaning purposes. Power brushes are made using trim materials such as steel, INOX, brass and plastic for a diverse range of applications. Pferd Australia also offers multi-speed machines which are designed for multipurpose milling, grinding and polishing applications.

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