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Industrial power brushes from Pferd Australia

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Pferd Australia  offers a wide range of industrial power brushes which include mounted wheel brushes, mounted cup brushes, wheel brush adapter, flaring cup brushes, pencil brushes and scratch brushes for surface cleaning. Pferd Australia supplies industrial power brushes based on trim materials such as steel, INOX, brass and plastic for a diverse range of applications in industry and crafts.

Pferd Australia has come up with Combitwist, a pencil brush with knotted wires, which allows improved stock removal, thus providing a dirtless environment. The mounted pencil brush with knotted wire supplied by Pferd Australia facilitates in cleaning hard to reach areas and other narrow passages including corners and edges. The brush spreads out as it rotates and ensures optimum surface cleaning. The knotting assures aggressive brushing so as to remove the stubborn dirt and leave a clean surface.

In addition to supplying industrial power brushes, Pferd Australia provides advanced new flap discs for cool grinding, abrasive discs and multi-speed machine for flexible shafts. Pferd Australia also manufactures a wide range of tools which include brushes, abrasive cut-off wheels, abrasive discs, grinding wheels etc. for surface finishing and cutting applications.

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