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Specialty pump producers Nikkiso and Lewa to join forces

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Now that specialty pump producer Lewa GmbH is to join Nikkiso Group through an acquisition, both companies are excited about their shared synergies in product technology and global market presence. The acquisition contract is still pending approval by the German Federal Cartel Office, and is expected to be completed within one month.

Nikkiso was founded in 1953, and from its origins as a pump importer has consistently grown into a high-tech company with global operations. It is well known in Europe for its medical technology – especially in the field of dialysis equipment. In Asian markets, besides supplying precision pumps to the chemical industry, it also manufactures water-treatment systems for power plants and CFRP products (composite materials based on carbon fibres) for the aerospace industry. More than offering just a pure sales structure, the company’s manufacturing facilities in Japan, the USA, China, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam facilitate market access in non-European key target regions.  

The publicly traded company Nikkiso with its 3,843 employees generates annual global sales of approx. €548 million, of which about €165 million is in the pump area.

Since its founding in the year 1952, Lewa GmbH has been developing, manufacturing and marketing metering and process diaphragm pumps as well as systems based on them. These technically challenging products enjoy a high level of acceptance worldwide, and are simply indispensable in applications that are crucial for processes and related to safety. Market focal points are the chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry and – finally, and most importantly – the oil and gas industry.

Approximately 730 Lewa employees attained sales of just over €145 million in 2008.  

Common to both companies are their high levels of market and product competence, integrated solutions for customers and a commitment to “sustainable development technologies.” Nikkiso and Lewa both seek to integrate environmental protection and resource-conserving and environmentally friendly manufacturing in their products in the context of “Environmental Management Systems” that are designed for the medium term.  

Since the two companies have hardly any product overlaps and only a few target market overlaps, Nikkiso and Lewa find themselves in an attractive win-win situation: innovative synergies, joint utilization of R&D results and the ability to pave the way for access to specific markets as well as the steady expansion of sales channels represent an extraordinary advantage for both current and new customers.  

Due to the positioning of the two companies and their competent employee bases, there is no need to fear downsizing actions or a change in the management.

“We respect Lewa as a renowned brand backed by outstanding technologies,” says Nikkiso CEO Toshihiko Kai. “We want to preserve and promote the brand, its employees, sales network and the fundamental solution-oriented alignment of the company. We can sell Lewa products very well in our markets, and utilize its excellent R&D department. Together with Lewa, we want to become Number 1 in the world.”

Bernd M. Stütz, CEO of Lewa GmbH, also welcomes Nikkiso as an ideal new owner: “The company is now strongly positioned to form a worldwide leading pump manufacturer together with Nikkiso, who is increasingly able to offer their customers complex packages and system solutions. The regional focus of both companies, their major customer industries and their key technologies perfectly complement each other.”

Petrenee  is the exclusive Australian licensee for LEWA metering pumps and systems.

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