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M500 PTFE diaphragm pump head series available from Petrenee

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LEWA diaphragm pump heads, available from Petrenee , are suitable for a variety of metering and conveying tasks up to 350bars. As a result of the diaphragm position control, high operational safety can be achieved for critical fluids.

Environmentally damaging, dangerous, sensitive or abrasive fluids are therefore only conveyed with zero leakage pumps. Sandwich diaphragms with diaphragm monitoring system are a standard design of LEWA diaphragm pumps. When damage of the diaphragm is indicated, the pump remains tight and operation can be continued for a limited period of time.

M500 PTFE diaphragm pump head series has the following advantages:

  • Hermetically tight, zero leakage
  • Universal application
  • Temperature range from -40° C to + 150° C
  • Insensitive against particles
  • Suitable for suspensions and high viscosity fluids
  • The freely oscillating diaphragm allows unrestricted flow through the operating chamber
  • Long diaphragm service life due to hydraulic diaphragm position control
  • Safe dry operation
  • Unobstructed flow channels in the operating chamber as diaphragm oscillates freely
  • Suction pressure safe to 350 bars (5000psig) by solid rear diaphragm support
  • Diaphragm monitoring system
  • Internal protection against overpressure
  • Pressure up to 350 bars
  • Flow rate up to 50 m³/h per pump head
  • Temperature from -40 to +150° C
  • Viscosity up to 100.000 mPas

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