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LEWA ecosave chemical injection metering pumps available from Petrenee

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Due to the lack of infrastructure around natural gas wells in remote areas, there often is no electric power available for the operation of pumps for chemical injection to assure natural gas exploitation. The possibility of operating pumps with solar electricity is not feasible, since the gas fields are in northern regions of the earth with low sun radiation only.

In the past, the pressure of the natural gas in the pipeline was used for operation of the pumps. The disadvantage of the pumps used was that a part of the gas (partly H2S-containing) was exhausted into the atmosphere. This gas gets lost for the producers, and moreover it aggravates the global greenhouse effect to a large extent with local corrosion. With the hermetically tight diaphragm metering pumps, LEWA ecosave, LEWA offer a solution for this problem. LEWA ecosave diaphragm metering pumps are available from Petrenee .

For natural gas production, the energy-efficient diaphragm metering pump uses the low differential pressure of the gas pipeline, a source of energy that is free and available without extensive installation requirements. Moreover, the emission of a climate harming and sour gas is prevented. The economic advantage results from the fact that this gas can be sold at a later stage, and the gas producer does not incur surcharges on CO2-emission.

Following are the advantages of LEWA ecosave chemical injection metering pumps:

  • Emission-free, prevents pollution of the atmosphere.
  • Hermetically tight.
  • The saved gas can heat 10 single family homes for one year.

The pumps still get their drive power from the gas pipeline but they use the pressure difference, the slightly expanded gas can flow back into the pipeline after the operating stroke of the pump. A minimum differential pressure of 0.35 bar is sufficient.

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