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LEWA diaphragm pump heads available from Petrenee

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LEWA diaphragm pump heads, available from Petrenee , allow safe and hermetically tight conveying at medium up to high pressures. LEWA diaphragm pump heads are suitable for a variety of metering and conveying tasks. Environmentally damaging, dangerous, sensitive or abrasive fluids are conveyed with zero leakage pumps.

Sandwich diaphragms with a diaphragm monitoring system are the standard design of all LEWA diaphragm pump heads. Damage of the diaphragm is indicated. The pump still remains tight and operation can be continued for a limited period of time. LEWA diaphragm pump heads are protected against overload by an integrated pressure limiting valve. Following are the advantages of LEWA diaphragm pump heads:

  • Economical
  • Hermetically tight, zero leakage
  • Durable sandwich diaphragm with diaphragm monitoring system
  • Protected against overload by adjustable pressure limiting valve
  • Minimum maintenance costs as a result of low-wear components
  • Safe dry operation
  • High metering accuracy by pressure stiff, linear pump characteristics and hydraulic degassing
  • Separation of hydraulic and drive element oils
  • Gentle conveying of sensitive fluids
  • Online and offline condition monitoring systems for electronic monitoring

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