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Pest management solutions from Pest Control Onsite

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Pest Control Onsite  specialises in providing complete pest management solutions for commercial and residential areas. Pest Control Onsite offers services that are innovative, effective and safe pest management solutions. Pest Control Onsite provides comprehensive range of pest management solutions that suits any specific needs. Pest Control Onsite offers 24 x 7 emergency response capabilities and owns fully equipped service vehicles. Pest Control Onsite’ team of well trained staffs provides friendly customer service and the highly experienced field supervisors ensure high quality service.

Pest Control Onsite provides regular maintenance service which is a major part of pest management solutions by employing non chemical improvement and pest prevention. Pest Control Onsite provides control of different type of pests like rodent, cockroach, possums, stored product pests or feral birds.

There are six main species of cockroach usually found throughout food processing and commercial facilities through out Australia which includes Australian, American, smokey brown, oriental and brown banded cockroaches. Pest Control Onsite employs following control methods for cockroaches which includes sealing of cockroach harbourage areas, use of Pheromone traps and baits, improving sanitation and housekeeping levels in the site, judicial use of pesticides formulation like gels, liquids, dusts and gasses, instigation of monitoring programs and inspection through out the site for earlier detection of infestations.

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