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All new epoxy product range

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PERMATEX has unveiled a new range of epoxy products for the automotive and maintenance market plus a new synthetic lubricant and gasket remover.

Called PermaPoxy, the epoxy range is a multi-purpose epoxy adhesive made to work on metals, fabric, fibreglass, glass, rubber, concrete and most plastics.

Permatex says, when cured, PermaPoxy can be drilled, sanded, threaded or filed and is resistant to fuels, solvents and most liquids.

PermaPoxy is available in various packaging configurations to suit application needs including a two-part syringe. Epoxy tubes are available as a two-part adhesive and filler system that eliminates the need for welding or brazing. Epoxy putty sticks are ideal for vertical applications.

Popular applications for PermaPoxy include:

· A gap filler.

· Bond auto trim parts.

· Repair cracked taillights.

· Fix damaged grilles.

· Re-attach body mouldings.

· Repair damaged spoilers.

· Seal metal seams.

· Repair tanks.

· Use on casting cracks and holes.

· Bond different materials.

Permatex has also released Ultra Slick synthetic multi-purpose lubricant with PTFE, and Permatex Silicone Stripper.

Ultra Slick lubricant is translucent and can be applied directly as a grease or sprayed on using an aerosol formulation. It can be used on any moving parts to provide better, longer lasting lubrication that withstands higher temperatures, up to 350°F. The caulk tip on the tube allows for easy application.

Silicone Stripper chemical gasket remover, developed in conjunction with automotive OEMs, is the first true chemical solution for the removal of silicone or elastomeric rubber gasket residue.

It is designed to remove the gasket residue that often remains after disassembly of parts previously gasketed with a silicone gasket or dressing.

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