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article image The Red Professional S980 HP.

PERMANENT Painted Coatings has been importing spray guns for both the professional and the DIY market for more than five years.

Manufactured to strict ISO standards the company is able to import and sell directly which means no middle man mark ups. This also means a great spray gun at the right price.

Spare parts are in stock for all spray guns which carry a one-year manufacturing warranty.

There are four versions:

* The top of the range HVLP (green) spray gun (High Volume low Pressure) 2002, available in 1.4mm and 2mm nozzles;

* The Red Professional S980 HP (high pressure) available in 1.4mm, 2mm, and 2.5mm;

* A cheaper version, great for the DIY is the S990 HP, with a choice of nozzle sizes, 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm;

* The popular touch up Mini Spray Gun (1.0mm) with a 250ml pot is ideal for those small jobs where filling a 600ml pot with 100ml of paint doesn't make sense.

The 2000 and the S980 can be bought in a kit version with two nozzle sizes, providing a two-for-one spray gun. For instance, buy the 1.4mm spray gun and get the extra 2.0mm or 2.5mm kit to go with it.

Adding to this the mini regulators, disposable water filters, spare 600ml or 1-litre pots or even a bench sandblaster, provides all the necessary equipment for any spraying application.

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