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Permanent Painted Coatings (PPC) is a company that specialises in rust, corrosion and preventative paints.  They have become experts in rust prevention, repair, corrosion and general restoration in the building, motor, marine and industrial areas.  

1201 Glyptal was developed as an insulating paint for electrical applications such as the treatment of coils and armatures.  Its outstanding resistance to corrosion, moisture, oil, acid, heat, dust and salt spray has made it popular throughout industry as a Primer, Sealer, Adhesive and Protective Finish.  For the Motor trade its main use has been for the internal coating of old motors that used to be internally coated to stop the oil weeping through the castings. The more modern use is to get the oil to drop back into the sump quicker.

There are hundreds of uses for 1201 Glyptal and some of the more typical uses include:
•    Internal coatings for engines
•    General plant maintenance
•    Primer and finish for motor, generator and transfer houses
•    Anti-moisture coating on thermostat, water cooler and truck control plants
•    Sealer for pipe and stud threads
•    Anti-corrosion for winches and outdoor apparatus

PPC publish a free 32 page Restorers Catalogue full of products with a proven track record, all in the one publication.  The current edition is offering more products to fight rust, corrosion and wear and tear on all things automotive, mechanical industrial and marine.

The range featured in the free catalogue is extensive and inside the catalogue you will find a range of products that will seal almost any surface to help the restorer.

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