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PPC releases new range of Bilt-Hamber’s products

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Permanent Painted Coatings (PPC) the importers and distributors of POR-15 Rust Preventative Paint have a new product in their range. PPC has been appointed the Australian distributors of the UK company, Bilt-Hamber’s products, Deox C and Deox Gel rust removers. 

Deox C

Deox C rust remover is a powder that is mixed with water up to a 20:1 ratio; one litre powder will make 20 litres of mix.
Immerse your rusty parts, items, tools etc into the Deox C mixture, leave them there for up to 24 hrs and they come out clean and rust free.
Deox C is environmentally safe and very easy to use. It can be reused on rusted parts until the liquid goes black.
Once the rust has been removed it’s then a good time to use some of the POR15 rust paint products to permanently stop the rust from coming back.                        
Deox Gel

Deox Gel is an environmentally safe product and is a rust remover for larger items that can’t be immersed in a bucket where Deox C would be used. It’s a gel that is poured or brushed on to the rusty surface, (it will adhere to vertical surfaces). To avoid it drying out it is advised that glad wrap is placed over the top and left for up to 24 hrs. The resultant black goo can then be scraped off, the item washed, leaving a rust free surface.
 The results of both products are very good but should be coated soon after cleaning to avoid rust returning.             
Deox C will be available from most of the PPC distributors around Australia.

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