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POR-15 rust repair paint available from Permanent Painted Coatings

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POR-15 rust repair paint, available from Permanent Painted Coatings , is suitable for restorers and hot rod builders. Following are the precautions that users must follow when using the POR-15 rust repair paint:

  • When spraying wear an organic vapour particulate respirator that is NIOSH/MSHA approved.
  • Do not put a primer on after sandblasting. POR-15 rust repair paint chemically bonds to the metal.
  • Do roughen up smooth metal with sandpaper to give it something to bite into.
  • Do not shake the tin as it creates bubbles and destroys the smooth brush finish.
  • Do not backtrack when brushing. 3-4 strokes of brushing are enough.
  • Make sure all the surfaces are dry before painting. This is important in marine applications.
  • Use a heat gun/hairdryer/blow torch to rid the metal of all moisture. This will ensure the elimination of rust.
  • Do not paint out of the can if the intention is to keep any paint in the can. Pour out what is needed, keep the rim clean and seal it with Gladwrap before replacing the lid.
  • Wear gloves as POR-15 rust repair paint stays on the skin for four to five days if it is not wiped off with solvent or thinners immediately.
  • Do not be in a hurry to apply the second coat as the application creates bubbles when the CO2 leaves the first coat. One coat applied thickly gives the same bubble result.
  • Do apply thin coats of tie-coat as thick coats take time to dry.

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