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Marine rust repair paint procedures from Permanent Painted Coatings

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Permanent Painted Coatings  present Marine Rust Repair Paint. POR-15 paints are ideal in marine applications but there are a few procedures that need to be followed to get the right results.

Clean and Dry

Firstly prior to applying POR-15 Rust Preventative Paint (RPP) all loose flakey metal should be removed and the metal must be clean and dry. Steel can harbour moisture in the pores and the more rusted it is, the more likely it is to have moisture in it. Any moisture drops left behind when it is painted over will come back as rust bubbles. Salt is hydroscopic and will also harbour moisture. A clean and dry surface is essential.

Number of Coats

Permanent Painted Coatings recommend a minimum of two coats and three in a marine application for two reasons. One is to make sure that there is 100% coverage and no holidays left in the paint for moisture to get through to the metal. The other is to build up a good coating thickness.

UV Stability and Underwater

POR-15 Rust Preventative Paint (RPP) is not UV stable and does need a top coat if exposed to the sun. If it is submersed permanently (on the keel, rudders) then it also needs to be top coated prior to anti foul being applied.

Planning the Job

The POR-15 RPP needs to be applied in 3 to 5 hour intervals. Hence, planning the timing carefully is necessary. All the prepping should be done prior to painting day, making sure there is no dew.

It is recommended to start early. POR-15 RPP also needs time to cure, minimum 3 days, before being submersed. The normal up the slip and back into the water as soon as possible will not get the best results and can leave a soft POR-15 coating.

It is better to paint in sections and get the timing right between coats. Avoid sea breezes bringing in moist damp air in the late afternoon between coats. It would not stick to a moist surface and will need to be dried again. Using a cover overnight will help.

POR-15 RPP will cover approximately 10sqm per litre per coat. Marine Clean and Metal Ready will do slightly more. Permanent Painted Coatings say that one of the best ways to apply the top coat is to apply a dust coat of the primer for the top coat on to a tacky last coat of POR RPP. Allow to cure and then apply a full primer coat and then the top coat.

With Permanent Painted Coatings’ Tie-Coat or U Pol Acid 8, the linking coat can both be applied to cured POR-15 RPP but should not be left exposed to the elements before top coating with whatever paint you desire.

Glisten PC (clear coat) will cover approximately 14sqm per litre. Glisten PC applied on wood should be treated like a varnish and have multiple coats applied to dry wood.

Where to use it

POR-15 can be used on steel boats, ferro cement, aluminium, wood. It is also good on fibre glass particularly where there are chances of stress cracking.

There are a range of products from Whitecote for decks and masts, to Glisten PC on brass, stainless steel aluminium, as well as woodwork and Pelucid for indoor woodwork.

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