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article image No fuel breakdown – no rust.

POR-15 fuel preservative and stabiliser, added to new fuel, stops petrol or diesel going ‘off’. With no detrimental effect, and giving up to 24 months protection, it comes in two sizes - 475ml and 950ml.

Rob Harrington-Johnson of Permanent Painted Coatings said he had worked in Canada in a marine business that also serviced generators, snow blowers and lawnmowers.

“We added POR's fuel preservative and stabiliser to new fuel. It stopped 'goo' formation and meant that engines started easily after months of idleness.

"Some owners run their tanks very low to avoid fuel contamination,” he said.

“This leaves them wide open to rust as water condenses in the empty tank. The only safe route is to fill the tank and then add preservative. No fuel breakdown and no rust.”

Main features of POR-15 include:

* POR-15 Fuel P&S is from the stable of unique preservative products from US manufacturer POR-15 (Inc).

* Add POR-15 to new fuels for engine protection and longer life.

* Prevents oxidation of both petrol and diesel fuels.

* This means gums and varnishes do not form - and engine arteries do not clog.

The trick is to fill tanks at end of their engine's usage season and then add POR-15 P&S. This not only stops fuel contamination, it also prevents rust problems which can occur if tanks are left empty.

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