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Bilt-Hamber auto-balm from Permanent Painted Coatings

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Permanent Painted Coatings  provide rust prevention, rust removal, leather dying and leather restoration products.

They now supply a range of Bilt-Hamber rust removers and paint protection products. The Bilt-Hamber auto-balm provides protection and gloss to automotive paintwork and car bodywork.

The Bilt-Hamber auto-balm will seal provide an anticorrosion barrier to stone-chips and other damaged sites on vehicle paintwork.

The Bilt-Hamber auto-balm will also protect and shine chrome, aluminium, and alloys. The Bilt-Hamber auto-balm is not abrasive - if the vehicle's bodywork is faded or in poor condition then the use of a light cutting polish will be required.

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