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Quarries fight contamination problems

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article image Automatic lubricators reduce maintenance costs.

THE quarrying industries biggest lubrication challenge is the prevention of ingress of dirt, dust and water into conveyor and pump bearings.

Dirt and water are the natural enemies of bearings and the presence of just small amounts of these contaminants can drastically reduce the service life of bearings, leading to increased maintenance costs and downtime implications.

A growing number of quarries around Australia are implementing greasing systems that incorporate single point, automatic lubricators in an effort to ensure that bearings are protected from contamination ingress.

At the same time, efforts to ensure improved workplace safety around conveyors are resulting in the installation of protective cages.

This inevitably means that some grease points of conveyor pulley bearings can no longer be accessed while in operation.

The implementation of automatic lubricators is providing an answer to this problem. For example, the HTL perma Futura and Classic gas type lubricators can be installed up to 1m from the lubrication point, while the perma STAR Vario lubricators can be remote installed up to 3m from the lubrication point.

This means the lubricators can be safely located at a point that is on the outside of guards and cages.

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