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Contamination control for the mining industry

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article image Perma lubricators can prevent the ingress of contaminants.

THE single largest cause of bearing premature failures in the mining industry is accelerated wear that is caused when contamination such as dirt, dust and water enter bearings via poorly lubricated seals.

When hard particles enter a bearing via a poorly lubricated seal or poor manual greasing practices result in damage to the load, carrying surfaces of the rolling elements and bearing race surfaces.

These points of damage become stress raisers and over time suffer serious damage associated with fatigue wear.

With the recently extended range of HTL perma Automatic Lubricators it is now possible to match different lubricator types to bearings depending on the specific requirements of different applications and operating environments.

The installation of either electro-mechanical or gas type perma auto lubes to labyrinth and taconite seals will provide a positive purge of grease from the seal, in an outwards direction, thereby eliminating the ingress of contaminants.

Depending on the required grease flow and the operating conditions either perma Classic, Futura or STAR Vario lubricators can be used to prevent the ingress of contaminants and therefore extend bearing service life.

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