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Automatic lubricators for mining industry

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article image Reduces greasing times by up to 80% compared to manual methods.

HTL Perma Australia has released automatic lubricators for the mining industry, reducing greasing times by up to 80% compared to manual methods. This means 80% less exposure to possible work place accidents.

An Australian coal mine has been a user of Perma automatic lubricators for over two years. The implementation of the systems was driven by the need to reduce the rate of lubrication-related bearing failures. Some of the conveyor pulley bearings to be lubricated are five stories above ground level.

To ensure that change to automated systems did not compromise peripheral equipment inspections the new regime includes scheduled monthly inspections, regardless of whether or not the autolubes require service.

An additional factor in the safety gains is the ability to remote install Perma lubricators such as the STAR Vario model. The STAR Vario model is an electro-mechanical lubricator which can be remote mounted up to 3m from the lubrication point, allowing the installation point of the autolube to be at a location that is easy and safe to access.

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