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Periscope’s Integrated Risk Information Software (I.R.I.S™)

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Periscope’s Integrated Risk Information Software (I.R.I.S™) is a web enabled, user configurable system that is presently being used by Government, Government Business Enterprises and the private sector for a wide variety of uses, including:

  • risk management
  • compliance & governance
  • questionnaires &  surveys
  • occupational health and safety
  • incident and hazard reporting
  • action request management
  • business planning
  • contract and supplier management
  • environment management
  • quality management, and
  • project management.

The Integrated Risk Information Software provides the ability to translate events such as Risks, Obligations and Issues (both internal and external) into actionable tasks, allowing management to analyse information, develop strategies and monitor performance against those strategies, within an organisation’s established business processes.  

It is an extremely flexible package that is configured by users to fully support an organisation’s management framework.  


Due to the flexibility of I.R.I.S, the software has extensive administration functionality.  It is within the administration function that the following functions are carried out.

  • Global settings to control corporately how the system will look, feel and respond
  • Security profiles to control a how the system will look, feel and respond to groups and/or individual positions
  • Task Settings to configure task functionality
  • Risk Settings to configure risk functionality
  • Form/Survey creation
  • Email templates and protocols for alerts
  • Attachment explorer to manger document attachments and links

Many of the configuration options are simply an “on” or “off” switch providing the ability to either scale functionality up or down depending on the maturity of the clients business processes.


The Integrated Risk Information Software has the capability to generate meaningful management reports based on fields selected, through standard filters, from the database.  Reports may be detailed action lists, higher level statistical performance or trend reports. There is almost no limit to the variety of reports that I.R.I.S can generate.  

Should it not be possible to produce a report in the required format, the software, as previously mentioned,  has an export function,  which allows the user to export data directly to Microsoft Excel and format using Microsoft tools. When the client is satisfied with the reporting format, Periscope can replicate the report within the Integrated Risk Information Software.

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