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article image Pocket PC can now be used for on-site auditing.

PERFORMANCE Management Systems , has released Appraise software which the company says is the ideal computing tool for manufacturing audit management.

"The couple of years we spent in development has resulted in a unique audit management tool," says managing director Tony Stephenson.

"It enables any organisation to carry out any kind of audit or inspection anywhere. And since all auditing is done on-screen, a paperless system is now a reality.

"Using the latest ASP.NET technology and the new programming language C#, Appraise works over the internet or corporate intranet, needing only a standard PC and a web browser.

“And the Pocket PC interface developed by us means that audits and inspections can be carried out anywhere without needing a permanent internet connection."

Performance Management Systems is confident that by replacing paper-based auditing with a highly productive and mobile web-based system, the product will meet a big market need - particularly as it will be available on a subscription basis for a fraction of the cost of shrink wrapped software.

"By rapidly capturing audit results only once, the whole system is so much faster than the present manual methods," Stephenson says.

"Appraise is a complete redevelopment of an existing PC-based audit management tool to cater for a demand for web-based systems. That earlier version was also developed by us at Performance Management Systems.

"Appraise will be distributed via the internet. Anyone can create a subscription account and start using the application immediately by visiting our website at www.auditdotnet.com.

“The new software will also be licensed to major corporations wishing to operate the program on their intranet," Stephenson said.

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