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Alloy wheels from Performance Industries

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Performance Industries  offers a wide range of alloy wheels. Performance Industries has a reputation in providing high quality products and commitment to serve the needs of motoring industries.

Performance Industries offers Australia’s comprehensive range of wheels and accessories related to automotive industries. Performance Industries offers alloy wheels which turns any simple vehicle to innovative street performer.

Performance Industries offers a wide range of alloy wheels which includes Carbon, Inferno, Rift, Razor, Vector, Blade, Pro Fin, AP-&, Tempest, Nitro, Lotus, V-tek, titan, etc. Performance Industries offers superlite wheel key finish which are made available as contemporary, traditional and modern. Contemporary styles include platinum, charcoal and Capri. Traditional superlite wheel is available as platinum and modern superlite is available as chrome.

Performance Industries offers Superlite GTR which is available as superlight wheel key finish platinum. Spline drive key finish from Performance Industries is available as contemporary style include platinum, charcoal and Capri, traditional platinum and modern chrome.

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