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RT-10T-12VFM rotary vacuum fill-seal machine from Perfect Packaging

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article image RT-10T-12VFM rotary vacuum fill-seal machine

Leepack, represented in Australia by Perfect Packaging , has released the RT-10T-12VFM, a rotary vacuum fill-seal machine.

The RT-10T-12VFM is designed for handling pre-made pouches.

The RT-10T-12VFM operates by picking up an empty pouch which is stored in a magazine, transferring the pouch into grippers, opening the pouch, filling it with product then transferring it into the chamber then vacuuming the pouch.

The machine then seals and cools the top seal, finally discharging the filled and vacuumed pouch.

The RT-10T-12VFM has carousels divided into 10 filling stations and 12 clam shell vacuum chambers.

Using high technology such as a micro computer display or touch screen, ensures operation and maintenance is easily performed on the RT-10T-12VFM.

The RT-10T-12VFM rotates intermittently to fill the product easily and the vacuum machine rotates continuously to enable the machine to run smoothly and efficiently, meaning high performance and durability.

All grippers in the filling station can be adjusted easily by a motor via touch screen, however, all grippers in the vacuum chambers have no need to be adjusted.

With stainless steel construction for high durability and easy wash down, all filling zones and vacuum chambers are water washable.

Perfect Packaging also supplies other packaging machinery including Flow wrappers, Thermal Coders and Metal Detectors.

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